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Official release

The lastest official release is the version 0.1.5, released on March 27, 2011:

# gelide-0.1.5.tar.gz (2 MiB)

You can download other releases in the project download area at SourceForge.

Development version

You can get the latest source code using Gelide's Git source code repository who is hosted by SourceForge.
To get the lastest source code and prepare it for the building proccess, you have to run in a terminal:

Building Gelide

Gelide follows a standard compilation system under GNU/Linux using the make tool.
To compile Gelide, you have to run in a terminal:

If the process was correct, Gelide must be installed on your system from which you can run it in any terminal with the command gelide or directly by selecting in the the applications menu: Applications -> Games -> Gelide.

Alternative packages

Here you have some versions of Gelide packaged for diferent GNU/Linux distributions. We are not the administrators of this packages, so, please, contact their authors if you find a bugs or a problem.


To compile and run Gelide from sources in addition to the compiling tools for your distribution, you need some additional libraries. In this new version, we have reduced these dependencies:

Gelide has been developed under Debian and compiled on x86 and amd64 platforms. We know it works on other platforms, although, we have no 100% certainty of it.

Dat Files

Here you can get DAT files for some of the preconfigured systems in Gelide. If you find a bug or a problem with these DAT files, please, let us know at [gelide.prj AT gmail DOT com]:

System Version Author Ddownload
Amstrad GX4000 20101028 Jamf
Atari 2600 20101028 Jamf
Atari 5200 20110326 Jamf
Atari 7800 20110326 Jamf Logo

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