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Gelide is a OpenSource project and you are more than welcome to help us make it better. There are many ways in which you can help without having to program enythig:

Report bugs

Just use Gelide and inform us of those problems you find.
You can send an email with the problem or you can visit our Sourceforge bug tracker where possibly you can find a solution to your problem.

Tell us your ideas

We also welcome all those ideas to improve Gelide. If you think a certain feature should be present or think that some detail would be more comfortable in another way, do not forget to tell us.

Translate Gelide to your language

You can also help Gelide to be translated into your native language for which you do not need programming skills, you simply have to translate the strings that appear in the file gelide.pot that you can find in the po directory of the tarball. You can do it with any text editor, but our advice is to use a po file editor, such as PoEdit or GTranslator. Once you have completed the translation, you can send it to us by mail or also your can post it in the translations forum.
It will be added to Gelide as soon as we can.

Make a package of Gelide for your distribution

If you can build a package for your distribution or know where it is published, please let us know at the email [gelide.prj AT gmail DOT com] and we'll try to add it at alternative packages section.

Translate the documentation of Gelide

Gelide is accompanied, among others, by two documents whose contents we think are very important. They are the "User Guide" and "Systems And Emulators HowTo", both of you can find in the help section in different formats.
We know it's a hard work, but any translation would be very grateful.

Contact information

If you have any questions about Gelide, its compilation, installation, use, etc., please contact us in the project mail: [gelide.prj AT gmail DOT com].
You also can find us in the project forums at SourceForge: [Gelide Forums]. Logo

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